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Back to bears?

 56 Autumn 552 (01 January 2004)

  • I've been out of the library a bit! And I've been again on my quest to get more experience in obtaining furs. (Actually back to train with Skea at the moment!)
    The bear caves are a nice place to do so and there I found a little halfling lady who had run into a tiny problem with a cinder bear. We joined forces and had a very fun profitable hunt!
Making big plans...
  • Of course our hunting turned a bit more exciting as a full pack of choko bears resisted more fierceful as we both expected. But no worries, we slaughtered them both! 8)

Looking for plan B!!
  • And as long the cold&snowy area is around I continue to visit this place. Usually I am not the only one with that idea - and rescue is always there quickly. 8)
    This was proved by a nice edarian style hunt! We thought we should be able to handle it, but it took Eisenbiegers chain to handle it instead. Thanks buddy!
Success and failure in the snow..
  • I witnessed also something other strange - WormTounge obviously found a clever way to burn coins! I have no idea what Boondoggle promised him, but it was impossible to stop Wormy from wasting his money! I hope he is better now! 8)

A nice way to spend coins?

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