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Merrily, merrily, merrily.

 31 Autumn 552 (26 December 2003)

  • Time passes quickly! And it's over time to write again of my adventures!
    So I dropped by the raffle place and was amazed that it almost exclusively carries ore now. Hope business is doing well...8)

No, I don't need ore! 8)
  • Instead of doing some shopping I went to the bears again. I managed to kill a lot of fierce bears, but as I left the cave I slipped and hit my head on some unfortunate rock. Dooh. The rescue turned out to be much more diffcult that one might expect from a place so near to town *chuckle*. Thanks all!
Falling north of town!? *blush*
  • Santa Chicken in town? Yay! This means everyone gets gifts! (At least if you been really nice the last year. I was! Really! Don't look at me this way!! - Santa said I was nice! See!)
    Anyway, I got a gift! And Althea even got a Pony! (Santa tried to ride it, but I think he was to heavy for it....8)
Yay! It's Bawkmas!
  • Along with the coming of bawkmas there is the opening of the Cold&Snowy area in the north field. Very cold and snowy this year - and a lot ice giants around. A big group of exiles had mightly problems to clear that area. Great fun indeed! Thanks to all who helped. Merry Bawkmas!
Cold & Snowy & Fallen

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