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Data Collection and Processing

Accessing our website, you send us information to use via your web browser (this is a technical necessity). The following information is collected while you are on our website in order to establish and keep communication between your web browser and our web server:

  • date and time of your request
  • name of the requested file
  • web page, where the request originated
  • status of this request (file transferred, file not found, etc.)
  • name of the web browser you are using as well as your operating system
  • the complete IP address of the computer sending this request
  • amount of data transferred
Due to security reasons, especially in order to prevent attacks targeting our web server, we will store this data for a short period of time. We cannot identify an individual person using this information.

Collection of further data

No further data will be collected.


No cookies are created or used.


Our website contains links to the websites of third parties ("external links"). As the content of these websites is not under our control, we cannot assume any liability for such external content. In all cases, the provider of information of the linked websites is liable for the content and accuracy of the information provided. At the point in time when the links were placed, no infringements of the law were recognisable to us. As soon as an infringement of the law becomes known to us, we will immediately remove the link in question.


We do not use any tool and/or any other means of analyzing your behavior on our website.

Active Objects

We do not use any active objects on our website, such as "Java applets" or "ActiveX Controls".

Secure Transfer of Data

As no personal data is collected or transfered, there is no secure transmission of data required. Features like Comments or Visitors Board entries have been disabled for new data.

Technical Implementation

Our web service is not using a content management system or any content provided by a third party.

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