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32. Sargon the kitty ( 2002-11-22 11:25:48 CET

Ok.. I asked someone neutral, google! Here are the results:

is sargon a kitty? -> 196 hits
is sargon a carrot? -> 78 hits
is sargon a parrot? -> 170 hits
is sargon a sylvan? -> 100 hits

Conclusion: Sargon is a kitty!

Sargon the kitty

/thinkto Sasha Yes, I'll keep Hor busy in this room - waiting for you to come with the bathtub! Makie has the rubber duck and the pink ribbon
Whoops wrong window!

31. Hor 2002-11-22 10:03:22 CET
Yay us kitties!

(Carrot Sargon is still a nice concept..but I would favor
some milk, I guess 8)

30. Konoko 2002-11-22 08:02:05 CET
A kitty? hmmm - I still think you're a parrot!
I know you're still up theer sitting on my shoulder so you've got to be a parrot!

Well if you think you're a cat and I'm still thinking you're a parrot, we can maybe compromise!

we'll take "ca" from cat and "rrot" from parrot. So now we've got "carrot"!

Sargon the Carrot! hmmm - I think parrot is much better. People will eat you if you're a carrot!



29. Sargon the kitty 2002-11-21 17:39:36 CET

A kitty! I'm a kitty! Why doesn't anyone believe me...

/action drops his tail in sadness...

Sargon the kitty

28. Konoko 2002-11-21 02:40:47 CET
Hi Hor

Anyone seen that Sillyvan Sargon around?
He's hiding out as a parrot so be warned!


27. Tiger from Edaria ( 2002-07-17 22:32:15 CET
Hi ol' friend!

I'm very sad that I can't meet you anymore like the the old days in Alchera.
I just wanted to let you know that I'm Ok *smile*

Hope to see all my friends from the old days again soon... but I don't think it would ever happen :-(

Many greetings to all edarians!

26. Gravier from former Edaria, Cologne 2002-06-16 20:56:49 CET
Hey Hor, kennst mich noch? :D

Sag ma den Leuten, sie sollen mal nen WindowsClient proggen :P

25. Leogic from Fresno ( 2002-04-29 07:04:57 CET
Guten tag - du aus Alcheria? Vie findest du Das Clanlord? Mein Deutch ist schlescht (bad) so Ich spleken das English.

Ok, now that that's over. ;) Spreading the news that is now accepting player drawn maps and player art for their board. Send em on to so they can be posted and the art board can grow!

btw - cool site


24. Scarabaeus 2002-03-21 20:16:14 CET
Hey kolli, you just planted one, nr. 23 :)
Every man has to plant a tree once in his live!
scara digs a new hole to plant another germ.

:) ;) :)

23. van de koll from town? no - forest 2002-03-21 18:00:19 CET
many green greetings - nice scrolls - this will be a nice place to stay but where are the trees? ;-)

van de koll / forester from edaria

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